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Final Thoughts on Speedweek 2012

To say this was an adventure would be an understatement. This started over 5 years ago as I watched many nights go by with Andy feverishly working on his laptop, long before any hands on building actually started. Then the “I need” portion began – but, “I need a welder”, “I need a tube bender”, “I need custom racing tires”, “I need another set of custom wheels” and the list goes on. My comment was always the same, “that sounds expensive!” We’ve all said that our UPS and FedEx guys will now be out of a job. Good luck guys!

He always had a vision in his mind exactly how he wanted this car to look and whether he could buy it or had to make it, he did what he needed to do without compromising the look he wanted. The details that he paid close attention to were well received by those on the salt. Everything from the font used for the numbers to the careful placement of each rivet was recognized. The respect among car enthusiasts is impressive. It’s so hard to explain this to people if you are unfamiliar with the event. You don’t win money, you don’t get a trophy, it’s the pride you feel when you drive a vehicle you built that keeps people coming back. The vehicles range from roadsters to streamliners, something for everyone. In the end, no matter what you like, everyone respects what you’ve done as seen by the many thumbs up you get when simply going to the starting line.

Again, I want to thank everyone that has gotten us through this journey. We could not have done it without the great support system that we have. Our blog went past all of our expectations. In the month of August we had over 17,000 views, sometimes over 2,000 a day. We can’t believe the response we received, I mainly did this for close family and friends so I didn’t have to keep repeating the same stories over and over. The feedback I’m getting about who is viewing is amazing. I thank all of you and encourage your comments to this final posting. I’d love to know who is a Blonde Bitch follower.

If you haven’t learned anything from our trip, the least that you should take away from this is that you can follow a dream, some take you to a giant dry salt lake! I learned that I can be around family for two weeks without gouging my eyes and ears out (if you know me at all, I have personal space issues), I learned that altitude effects the fuel mixture in a car and it’s performance, I learned that kids can go without tv, video games and iPods, and I learned that as much as I complain, I’d do it all over again!

Please keep in touch. Check back, we will be posting many more pictures and videos. We had a camera on board the car so some of that is pretty cool. I’ll also put up images of our t-shirts that we are still selling to help support our cause or at least make the fuel cost more bearable. 4,800 miles at $4.00 a gallon adds up when you average 10 mpg!!!!

It’s been my pleasure to take you with us, I’m sure this is the first of many trips. – K

P.S. – Andy wants more horse power, better aerodynamics and faster speed.
I believe… “that sounds expensive!”


The End

On our last leg of the trip. For those of you stuck in an office somewhere, sucks to be you. It’s beautiful outside as seen below!

We are returning from an endless sea of salt to a welcoming sea of green. Couldn’t have asked for a better day!

I’ll be back later for a final thought. – K

Monday update

I hate to say it but as we get closer to home, there are less interesting things to show you. It’s not quite the same when you just went by it a few days ago, the excitement has begun to subside. I did, however, see this bus…didn’t anyone notice the location of the back up camera? You think they would have incorporated that into a larger moustache.

Then, when we stopped at one of the fine establishments at a truck stop, we found these. If anyone knows me, you know how I feel about them (not a fan). When you put a quarter in, they all danced. Nothing like making the freaky little dolls dance a jig!

Slowly making our way through Ohio. Try to make one more stop tomorrow before we come back to reality. Keep checking, hope to get more photos and video links up upon arriving home. Its been so nice leaving all worries behind for awhile and not too anxious to see what’s waiting for us when we get back. I highly recommend taking the time to get away, life’s too short not to!!! – K

Cale’s Choice

Even though Cale decided to go home on the plane and not drive with us, we still stopped at his choice – Antique Archeology in Le Claire, Iowa. This is the location for the show American Pickers on the History Channel. Let me tell you, it’s tiny. What you see on tv is it, no more. The whole building couldn’t have been more than 30×40 or so. Check out the photos based on the size of the people.

Frank and Mike are in New York and Danny D was no where to be found, just a bunch of other dorky tourists that stopped by to be nosy like we did. Beautiful town located right on the Mississippi. Sorry to say but more of a tourist trap to sell t-shirts than antiques (and yes, I bought a shirt!)






Next door is Danny D’s store called 4 Miles 2 Memphis. Just a little boutique with clothes and other items. I did pass on purchasing one of her photos such as the ones hanging on the porch. Sorry to disappoint you!


On the road again, no other plans at the moment but I’m sure I’ll find something to take pictures of. America is full if picturesque opportunities and entertainment!

Kim’s Choice

Yesterday afternoon we stopped at The Brass Armadillo in Des Moines, Iowa. My choice was an antique mall and this is what we found. It was pretty big but we really didn’t get much – out of money, too tired to decide or already had what was cool. Prices were in line with ours at home, I just like to see what else is out there. I feel that you see just as much history in a place like this as we would in a museum but this is cooler because you can buy this stuff.

And, no, I didn’t buy any of these as much as I would have liked to.

Brock’s Choice

Today we left Lincoln and went to Ashland to the Strategic Air & Space Museum. It has a number of large bombers such as 1 of 4 B-36’s that still exist, the first active B-52 and a very extensive exhibit on the Doolittle Raid. Not too big but a nice selection of planes and displays.


Not a bad little museum if you are in the area. I was just waiting for the Blackbird to transform into a Deceptacon. (for those of you that have seen the Transformers movies)



Steve’s Choice

Today we left Laramie, Wyoming and headed east on 80. Steve’s choice to visit today was the Ames pyramid. This is monument slightly off of 80 honoring Oakes and Oliver Ames. Who are they, you ask? They were instrumental in the construction of the transcontinental railroad, the pyramid was built by the Union Pacific Railroad. If you care to know more of the story, blow up the photo of the sign or just ask Steve. I will tell you that it would be much quicker to read the sign.

I was more interested in the surrounding scenery and the prairie dogs than the big pile of stones. The picture of the dirt road going to nowhere is how to get to it. Put it on your list of things too see when you are in the area!



Here is something I’ve heard about but have never actually seen. I just wanted to share this with the rest of you on the east coast. This was in the Ricochette Cafe in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming if you want to stop by. Good food, good prices.

Other items of interest today – nothing, stock yard, Sinclair gas stations, snow fencing and hay bales.





Working our way to Lincoln, Nebraska for the night. Be in touch later!

Friday, August 17

The end of Speedweek 2012 has arrived. For a “virgin” as we were called, I have to say it could not have been much better. This is not your typical family vacation, that’s for sure. I still keep saying that this is crazy, who does stuff like this? Well, luckily, we do, who wouldn’t want to live out a dream if opportunity knocks.

I just want to say how proud I am to be a part of this and to see Andy succeed at such a huge endeavor. Many people go through life wishing they could do this or see that. He stepped up and followed through with a project larger than most of you could even imagine. This started 5 years ago when I gave him the go ahead to proceed. I mean, who gets to do something like this at such a young age? He had the knowledge and drive to make it happen. I think it got a little more than expected but he stepped up and worked harder. If you don’t like it, do it again! And he did, many times.

All his work has paid off, even if all it provided was an experience of a lifetime and memories that won’t fade. I am just glad that I can finally fill the empty wall in my living room with the photo we had to drive to Utah to take. Not like I couldn’t have photoshopped it onto the salt. That may have been a bit cheaper!

I have to say, if you know Andy at all, I have never seen him so nervous. It was a bit rough on that first run. We were all pretty silent. With each run it got much easier as our duties all fell into place. Talking to other people, it’s a common theme to work day and night for weeks before you leave and finish it as it goes on the trailer. I just love the fact that our car never ran under its own power until the first run off the push truck. That was a great moment to see him pull away on his own. What a relief!

We were very lucky to not have any major issues. Sure, who doesn’t want to go faster, that’s what you are here for, but to design it, build it and drive it on your own…think about that! The car is coming home in one piece and he is safe. That is everybody’s goal. Sure records are nice but not necessary. While other pits had engines tore out and other issues, we were able to take naps in our pit. That’s the sign of a good build.

Don’t worry, the list has already been started of improvements to make and talk of our next visit. This was a good jumping off point to see what it could do. The process will never end and everyone tells you that you will get the fever and have to return every year. So any money that you would like to donate, send to ….. Or stop by for a photo op with the car, only $10.00 each!!! Unless you have a lot of money, then bring your check book.

I would like to thank our pit crew for getting us through this. You cannot do this alone and luckily all of ours was family so it did make it more of a vacation. We each participated in our own way to make Andy comfortable and keep him focused. I, however, would like a medal for being with 4 Welker men for so long and it’s still not over! And yes, the spray has been used many times.

We are in Wyoming for the night, nothing really interesting to see. I’ll try to start posting more along the way home since I have a lot of car time doing nothing else. Keep following, it will be another few days till our adventure ends. I don’t want to think about that yet, I’m on vacation!!!!!!! – K

Thursday, August 16

Today was a full day again. Got on the salt early and ran a 164.981. Had to let the car cool down for awhile and got ready for a final run. This time he ran a 164.521. That Bit** just didn’t want to hit the 165. He was going faster but since it’s the average, it came out lower. We think we were still the best time in our class, the next one was around 160.

So, after all of this, we started to pack up. We did, however, have two photo shoots at the end of the day. We were approached by an Australian magazine and a free lance photographer who shoots for a bunch of Canadian magazines. Andy has actually been in contact with the Australian journalist before on the internet so it was nice to actually meet.

Friday morning will also be busy. We have another free lance appointment at 7:00 am so we can catch the morning light. We were also approached by a woman working on a Bonneville book, so she may stop by as well. Lots of interesting things going on. No promises that anything would actually be published but I can guarantee that a lot of photos will be making the rounds. If I only had a nickel for every photo taken, I may have enough money for fuel on the way home.

We worked on cleaning the salt off of the trucks. Everyone can clear their schedule and help us when we finally decide to come home. Every nut and bolt must come off the car and each piece needs cleaned. That’s not even including the truck and trailer! We’ll have enough salt left over for our whole town to get through the winter.

So, we hope to try to leave by noon tomorrow and start our journey home. I should be able to post more upon getting better cell phone reception. The goal is to see a few things on the way home, not sure what. If I leave it up to Steve, we’ll see the “world’s largest” of anything he can find. Luckily, I have given myself veto power over everyone else’s suggestions.

So, goodby from Wendover for now. Below is a picture of Wendover Will, the town mascot that looks over the casinos at night. He would look good in Berrysburg.




Wednesday, August 15

Well, we are still trying. Today only resulted in one run. We got out around noon and ran a 157. This time there was a 6 mph head wind to deal with so we are thinking it was around the same as before. The car is ready to go for a run first thing in the am. They run better when it’s cooler due to the air being more dense than later in the day. Hopefully we will be able to get another run in later, we’ll see how it goes.

We do have the top speed in the class that we are running in. There are 5 others, the next one is at a 159. The funny thing is that some of our competition sure does like our car. We could probably have switched some over to our pit crew. It has become a little challenge between us which makes it fun.

For those of you unfamiliar to the timing process, it’s not as simple as it may sound. The course we run on is considered the short course which is 3 miles under power. The overall track length is 5 miles. Speed is measured 3 times. The first mile is not timed, it is only for acceleration. The second mile, the average speed is measured. Then, your instantaneous speed is taken at the 2 1/4 mile. Then you also take the average speed of the third mile. These are the three times that are recorded. You may have actually gone faster but it’s taking your average, not the max. Not as simple as going out there and flooring it even though we’ve had much encouragement to do so!!!

I did enjoy when the announcer gave our name ( they announce all cars and speeds on their own radio station). He said it and then commented, “I don’t name em’ folks!”

Till tomorrow, wish us luck!! – K