Friday, August 17

The end of Speedweek 2012 has arrived. For a “virgin” as we were called, I have to say it could not have been much better. This is not your typical family vacation, that’s for sure. I still keep saying that this is crazy, who does stuff like this? Well, luckily, we do, who wouldn’t want to live out a dream if opportunity knocks.

I just want to say how proud I am to be a part of this and to see Andy succeed at such a huge endeavor. Many people go through life wishing they could do this or see that. He stepped up and followed through with a project larger than most of you could even imagine. This started 5 years ago when I gave him the go ahead to proceed. I mean, who gets to do something like this at such a young age? He had the knowledge and drive to make it happen. I think it got a little more than expected but he stepped up and worked harder. If you don’t like it, do it again! And he did, many times.

All his work has paid off, even if all it provided was an experience of a lifetime and memories that won’t fade. I am just glad that I can finally fill the empty wall in my living room with the photo we had to drive to Utah to take. Not like I couldn’t have photoshopped it onto the salt. That may have been a bit cheaper!

I have to say, if you know Andy at all, I have never seen him so nervous. It was a bit rough on that first run. We were all pretty silent. With each run it got much easier as our duties all fell into place. Talking to other people, it’s a common theme to work day and night for weeks before you leave and finish it as it goes on the trailer. I just love the fact that our car never ran under its own power until the first run off the push truck. That was a great moment to see him pull away on his own. What a relief!

We were very lucky to not have any major issues. Sure, who doesn’t want to go faster, that’s what you are here for, but to design it, build it and drive it on your own…think about that! The car is coming home in one piece and he is safe. That is everybody’s goal. Sure records are nice but not necessary. While other pits had engines tore out and other issues, we were able to take naps in our pit. That’s the sign of a good build.

Don’t worry, the list has already been started of improvements to make and talk of our next visit. This was a good jumping off point to see what it could do. The process will never end and everyone tells you that you will get the fever and have to return every year. So any money that you would like to donate, send to ….. Or stop by for a photo op with the car, only $10.00 each!!! Unless you have a lot of money, then bring your check book.

I would like to thank our pit crew for getting us through this. You cannot do this alone and luckily all of ours was family so it did make it more of a vacation. We each participated in our own way to make Andy comfortable and keep him focused. I, however, would like a medal for being with 4 Welker men for so long and it’s still not over! And yes, the spray has been used many times.

We are in Wyoming for the night, nothing really interesting to see. I’ll try to start posting more along the way home since I have a lot of car time doing nothing else. Keep following, it will be another few days till our adventure ends. I don’t want to think about that yet, I’m on vacation!!!!!!! – K

7 thoughts on “Friday, August 17

  1. ashley

    Nicely said Kim. I’m happy I got to be a part of this experience too. That is all I keep telling people here, is how proud of Andy we are. All the compliments, pictures, and looks at the car said how impressive it really is. Can’t wait to go again!! Release the funds!! Have a safe drive home! I’ll have a new can of spray waiting since I’m sure my 2 had their share.

  2. Ed Bechtel

    Hi Everyone,
    Enjoyed the “ride”. It’s amazing to put something together that goes so fast. Enjoyed following the adventure. BTW the writing was wonderful. Good job everyone.

  3. Amie

    I agree with Ashley…nicely said. It sounds like you had a good trip. I’m glad everyone is safe. Have a safe trip home! I hope you enjoyed the little taste of the nkotb last night. 🙂

  4. Aunt Sue

    Nice! Love your posts and pictures really felt like I was there without the salt and the wind. See you in Louisville, the door is open!

    P.S. Sissy – just trying to help.

  5. Sandy & Steve Reightler

    Congratulations on living your dream! We really enjoyed your blog, and looked forward to reading the updates every day…great photos, too!

  6. Ray Smith

    Hey guys! I was in complete awe when I saw the Ames monument. I’m a railroad buff, and I knew about it and have seen it in my railroad books, and read all about it. I’m really enjoying following your trip. The photos are fabulous. Have a safe trip.


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