Time to Head Home

After yesterday’s adventure into the middle of what seemed liked an endless ocean of corn, we can’t top it so it’s time to head home. This trip has been riddled by small incidents, today was not immune. Andy always has an eye on the trailer tires and we pulled off at a rest stop when he noticed one looked funny. This resulted in the changing of not one but three trailer tires with cracks in them. They had not blown and still held air but they swapped them out to be on the safe side. Funny thing though, the one he saw with the small bubble was still okay, go figure.

We are just hammer down at this point but did stop in LeClaire, Iowa again at the American Pickers store. They have built a new building since we last visited. Nothing really special but a quick stop to stretch legs.

Other than that, just covering a lot of roads. Which, America, are pretty awful! And we always say PA roads are bad. I can’t say they are any worse than anyone else’s and we covered A LOT of roads on this trip. 

I did want to mention I was pretty bummed yesterday when I realized I missed this event.

I would have loved to have stopped and eaten some Minnesota corn at the Buttered Corn Days. I’m just trying to picture how this all works. Do you all sit and eat with big tubs of butter on the tables or do they have butter wenches that come around when you need some? This sign just makes you see that every area has something, whether it’s a corn festival, demo derby or a tractor pull. We all have local events that come around every year that remind you of home, no matter how dumb they are! (Look how happy those girls are with their corn)

The quote I have to go with today may not be exact but you’ll get the point. We stopped at a Cracker Barrel for supper, first one we’ve seen for days believe it or not. In reference to the store part, they sell Moxie in it. Steve wanted to get one for the boys to taste it but they wanted to know what it tastes like. Steve’s reply was, “It tastes like sweat filtered through an old dirty sock.” If you’ve had Moxie before, you’ll know that sounds about right!

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