Speedweek 2012

2012 marked the debut of The Blonde Bitch, after five years of building the day had finally come.  To say I was nervous was a major understatement, maybe it was the fact that the car had never moved under its own power.  Or could it been that for the first time I was putting my design and construction abilities to the test.  Regardless of all of these thoughts, pack yourself in multiple layers of fireproof gear, put on the hans device and helmet, slide into the cramped quarters and wait your turn, all in the sweltering heat.  But soon all these things go to the back of you mind and you think – remember turn to the right after the 2 mile mark, don’t be the fool who turns the wrong way.

So here’s the on board camera of the first run, if you listen close you can hear backing off of the throttle after the 1 mile mark to stay under the 150 mph speed limit.  After this it got alot easier and all of the thoughts quickly turned to – I need to go faster.  This run was on the rookie course which is only 2 miles under power, the speed was measured as an average of the second mile – the Bitch ran 133.357 average.

The next video was actually the last run we made, the camera was mounted right next to my head.  My hope was to be able to see my hands on the steering wheel to see how much I was actually doing, that wasn’t the case and all you get to see is the tachometer and one of the water temperature gauges.

Here is a group of clips combined from various videos taken at the starting line.

Below is just a few of the pictures we got from Speedweek.