From Yellowstone to the Badlands

Leaving the Salt Flats we decided to head north for our trip home. We wanted to get a different view of the country because none of us had ever been in this area before. Saturday morning we woke in West Yellowstone, Montana. When we arrived the night before, the temperature was 32 degrees, slightly different than what we were in that morning. This was a quaint little town which was nice to walk around in for a bit that is right at the west entrance to the park. So, off we were to see a few trees, something we hadn’t seen for a while.

We did get to see some bison and deer. One bison was even walking down the road with a long line of cars behind him. It was odd that people weren’t beeping at him or making rude hand gestures like you normally see with slow drivers!

We stopped to see Old Faithful, with about 1,000 other people. Sorry to say, this did not impress me at all. I’m not sure I knew what to expect but now I know. Very touristy which is always a turn off to me.

We had some white knuckle driving late at night coming down some rather large mountains to stay in Buffalo, WY. Pronghorn and deer decide they like to stand right along the road a lot in these areas so we had to keep a good eye out as well. 

Sunday got us back on the road to go see “the heads”, as Cora kept saying. Off to see Mount Rushmore. Again, the town right before you enter the national park was major tourist throw up. It’s unbelievable what pops up at these type of landmarks but the people were filing in. Here to, neat to see once but I thought it would have been bigger. More intrigued watching the people taking selfies with the presidents behind them.

We kept trucking through the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota. Not much to see except a lot of free range cattle all over the place. Still wondering how you know where to find your own? In this day and age, do they have gps trackers? Made it to Sioux Falls for the night and will update you tomorrow on the next great American landmark we come across.

Or to tell you about the tractor we have to pick up. Yes, you read that correctly. Can’t wait to see how that turns out myself!

3 thoughts on “From Yellowstone to the Badlands

  1. Rick Welker

    The cattle are still tracked the old fashioned way – with brands. Honesty is revered upon and if you end up with another ranchers cattle you either notify them or take them to the owner.

  2. nataddicted

    I’ve been reading every post, thanks for bringing me along for the trip.

    I read the posts going all the way back to 2012, and the build of your bellytanker.

    When you get back to town, I’m gonna want a handful of T-Shirts.


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