Steve’s Choice

Today we left Laramie, Wyoming and headed east on 80. Steve’s choice to visit today was the Ames pyramid. This is monument slightly off of 80 honoring Oakes and Oliver Ames. Who are they, you ask? They were instrumental in the construction of the transcontinental railroad, the pyramid was built by the Union Pacific Railroad. If you care to know more of the story, blow up the photo of the sign or just ask Steve. I will tell you that it would be much quicker to read the sign.

I was more interested in the surrounding scenery and the prairie dogs than the big pile of stones. The picture of the dirt road going to nowhere is how to get to it. Put it on your list of things too see when you are in the area!



Here is something I’ve heard about but have never actually seen. I just wanted to share this with the rest of you on the east coast. This was in the Ricochette Cafe in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming if you want to stop by. Good food, good prices.

Other items of interest today – nothing, stock yard, Sinclair gas stations, snow fencing and hay bales.





Working our way to Lincoln, Nebraska for the night. Be in touch later!

5 thoughts on “Steve’s Choice

    1. vonwelker Post author

      We thought about setting up a hot dog stand. Since none of us are in the food industry we decided not to so the lines wouldn’t get so long. – K


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