Brock’s Choice

Today we left Lincoln and went to Ashland to the Strategic Air & Space Museum. It has a number of large bombers such as 1 of 4 B-36’s that still exist, the first active B-52 and a very extensive exhibit on the Doolittle Raid. Not too big but a nice selection of planes and displays.


Not a bad little museum if you are in the area. I was just waiting for the Blackbird to transform into a Deceptacon. (for those of you that have seen the Transformers movies)



4 thoughts on “Brock’s Choice

  1. Angie Gracie & Olivia

    Now this stop looked much more interesting. I don’t know Brock…you looked pretty good as an astronaut …
    What’s on the agenda for today? Do you have a goal set to be home?


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