Final Thoughts on Speedweek 2012

To say this was an adventure would be an understatement. This started over 5 years ago as I watched many nights go by with Andy feverishly working on his laptop, long before any hands on building actually started. Then the “I need” portion began – but, “I need a welder”, “I need a tube bender”, “I need custom racing tires”, “I need another set of custom wheels” and the list goes on. My comment was always the same, “that sounds expensive!” We’ve all said that our UPS and FedEx guys will now be out of a job. Good luck guys!

He always had a vision in his mind exactly how he wanted this car to look and whether he could buy it or had to make it, he did what he needed to do without compromising the look he wanted. The details that he paid close attention to were well received by those on the salt. Everything from the font used for the numbers to the careful placement of each rivet was recognized. The respect among car enthusiasts is impressive. It’s so hard to explain this to people if you are unfamiliar with the event. You don’t win money, you don’t get a trophy, it’s the pride you feel when you drive a vehicle you built that keeps people coming back. The vehicles range from roadsters to streamliners, something for everyone. In the end, no matter what you like, everyone respects what you’ve done as seen by the many thumbs up you get when simply going to the starting line.

Again, I want to thank everyone that has gotten us through this journey. We could not have done it without the great support system that we have. Our blog went past all of our expectations. In the month of August we had over 17,000 views, sometimes over 2,000 a day. We can’t believe the response we received, I mainly did this for close family and friends so I didn’t have to keep repeating the same stories over and over. The feedback I’m getting about who is viewing is amazing. I thank all of you and encourage your comments to this final posting. I’d love to know who is a Blonde Bitch follower.

If you haven’t learned anything from our trip, the least that you should take away from this is that you can follow a dream, some take you to a giant dry salt lake! I learned that I can be around family for two weeks without gouging my eyes and ears out (if you know me at all, I have personal space issues), I learned that altitude effects the fuel mixture in a car and it’s performance, I learned that kids can go without tv, video games and iPods, and I learned that as much as I complain, I’d do it all over again!

Please keep in touch. Check back, we will be posting many more pictures and videos. We had a camera on board the car so some of that is pretty cool. I’ll also put up images of our t-shirts that we are still selling to help support our cause or at least make the fuel cost more bearable. 4,800 miles at $4.00 a gallon adds up when you average 10 mpg!!!!

It’s been my pleasure to take you with us, I’m sure this is the first of many trips. – K

P.S. – Andy wants more horse power, better aerodynamics and faster speed.
I believe… “that sounds expensive!”


4 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on Speedweek 2012

  1. Angie Gracie & Olivia

    Bravo! Very well said. Glad your home safe and sound.
    P.S. Moe’s ready to come home…he’s homesick.

  2. Nancy Ludes

    Well, I have been checking in everyday, it sounds like it was an awesome trip. How wonderful that he could achieve part of his dream, you will be back. I bet your bed feels good, always does when you are gone a few weeks it could be filled with rocks and feel good. See ya Monday.


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