Monday update

I hate to say it but as we get closer to home, there are less interesting things to show you. It’s not quite the same when you just went by it a few days ago, the excitement has begun to subside. I did, however, see this bus…didn’t anyone notice the location of the back up camera? You think they would have incorporated that into a larger moustache.

Then, when we stopped at one of the fine establishments at a truck stop, we found these. If anyone knows me, you know how I feel about them (not a fan). When you put a quarter in, they all danced. Nothing like making the freaky little dolls dance a jig!

Slowly making our way through Ohio. Try to make one more stop tomorrow before we come back to reality. Keep checking, hope to get more photos and video links up upon arriving home. Its been so nice leaving all worries behind for awhile and not too anxious to see what’s waiting for us when we get back. I highly recommend taking the time to get away, life’s too short not to!!! – K

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