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Monday, August 13

Glad to see website traffic is up now that a lot of you are back at work for the week. Apparently no one works anymore!

No run today. Spent the day thoroughly checking out the car. The water pumps were drawing too many amps so they were split into two circuits. By the time all of this was done it was too late in the day to run. Checked out the engine and torqued the heads with the assistance of the fine employees of MDGM. Packed up just in time, the wind rolled in around 5:30 and ended racing for the day.

The car is ready to roll in the morning and Groundhog Day will start all over. I will have to say, I just love finding salt everywhere, I believe I’ll be cleaning it out of places for the next few months.

Tim S. – this photo is for you.


Here are a few more cars you may like.




Sunday, August 12

Good morning from the Salt Flats.

Today was the culmination of 5 years of hard work. We got two runs in. The first run had to be under 150 and he came in at 133 on a 3 mile course. Speeds are calculated as an average mph over the course of a mile. Everything went well and Andy was pleasantly surprised how it ran. I believe she had more in her than he thought. So, they changed gears in order to go faster. After doing so, another quick storm rolled in. We got smart this time and took all the canopies down first and put the car in the trailer. After tucking it away, we waited a bit and the courses opened back up. We ended up getting to the line right before they stop for the evening which is 7:00.

The second run needed to be between 150 and 175. We ran on a 5 mile course and came in at 153. This time the car got hot and Andy backed off. A fuse blew and the water pumps stopped working. At this point we only had time to get the car in the trailer so we don’t know what the problem is. Could be minor…could be worse. We’ll know in the morning. As if this isn’t nerve racking enough!!! Here are some before and after images.

Check out the other pictures added to the Speedweek page.




Saturday, August 11

Today was a busy day and I can’t get enough service to get any info out. We had a drivers meeting in the am followed by a rookie meeting. Both were very informative and they even go as far as having all rookie crews drive down the course so you know it up close. That took us all morning and then the car was tuned up a bit more. I think it’s finally at a point where you just need to run it and get a feel for what it can do. Rookies must do a clean rookie run under 150 to pass as a rookie. Then they can move to a different course if they want to.

We had more good comments, Andy could have a welding job in MN and his rivots impressed a guy who makes apache helicopters. We were also told it should be in the living room! (there was always a stipulation I gave Andy that if he ever ran 200 mph we could put it there so it cracked me up when he said this). He was also excited to speak with a man that wrote a flathead book that he references.

Weather was beautiful today and we were joined by 3 other family members. We hope to get going early tomorrow and get in line ASAP to get a run in. The goal is not a record, just safe runs for this year so he can fine tune things for another year. And yes, I’ve accepted that this will continue.


Here is what your vehicle looks like. From the storm it made it a little loose but then it gets hard when it dries.

I did see this beauty last night, anyone else have one?

And, we thought this one was pretty cool.

I’ll try to keep you posted!

Friday Update

Well, today was a little set back for us. Early afternoon the wind started to roll in. We tied down what we could but the tank was off the car and we didn’t want it to get wet. We lowered the canopies and worked for a bit. It was too much and we all ended up holding on to a leg so it wouldn’t blow away even though it’s bolted into the salt. We tarped the car and eventually got it into the trailer. This was between the rain that also joined the party. So, long story short, everything is still ok but we really didn’t accomplish much. We have to put the tank back on tomorrow and do some tuning. We will have to see how the salt is in the morning. Can’t run if it’s too wet and can’t run if it’s too windy. There is a rookie meeting to go to and then we’ll see how it goes. May or may not get a run in, lots of variables. A little unexpected but we are new at this!
Then you have this…this is “the bend in the road.” People have long pulled off and camped along this road to get to the salt, some only in tents. Any amount if rain makes it a mud hole since the salt is really thin here and you mostly have dirt. There are some other locations to squat but this is the “cool” spot. I’ll take my hotel any day even if I do have to share it with 3 1/2 men!



Friday, August 10

Last night the parking lot car show began. It gives everyone time to talk since you are usually busy during the day. Here are some photos for those car buffs that have been waiting to see what’s here. Signal strength is low today so they may go up slowly.




Tech Inspection

We passed tech with flying colors. I would say Andy is extremely relieved! Got in and out with his suit on perfectly. There were only minor suggestions for future years. Just what I wanted to hear! Now it just has to run good.

We heard a comment from one of the tech guys that this is the nicest roll cage that they’ve seen. We have guys here that have said this is the best car and best build they’ve seen and they doubt they’ll see anything here to top it. I hope Andy can fit his helmet on after this!

Oh, and everyone has commented on how great the polish job is on the tank. THANK YOU Big Al.





On the Salt

Heading to the salt now. I’ll put up photos when I get a chance depending how the cell service is.

Th pit area is going up. This will be home for the next week (hopefully).

So far, very good comments about the car. People taking pics already. Pit going up nicely. Really nice breeze going, great in the shade. Around 91. Time is 9:55.

Andy is sweeping the tarp clean for those of you who were wondering. And…I don’t know how it happened but I got my shirt dirty first and my hands are black! ( I had to fold tarp straps) but, not to disappoint, Steve did get his shirt dirty already.

Ashley, when did u get here? U brought the most important thing. Although I was really excited – I just found an all women jiffy john or as they call it out here, a green house.