Friday Update

Well, today was a little set back for us. Early afternoon the wind started to roll in. We tied down what we could but the tank was off the car and we didn’t want it to get wet. We lowered the canopies and worked for a bit. It was too much and we all ended up holding on to a leg so it wouldn’t blow away even though it’s bolted into the salt. We tarped the car and eventually got it into the trailer. This was between the rain that also joined the party. So, long story short, everything is still ok but we really didn’t accomplish much. We have to put the tank back on tomorrow and do some tuning. We will have to see how the salt is in the morning. Can’t run if it’s too wet and can’t run if it’s too windy. There is a rookie meeting to go to and then we’ll see how it goes. May or may not get a run in, lots of variables. A little unexpected but we are new at this!
Then you have this…this is “the bend in the road.” People have long pulled off and camped along this road to get to the salt, some only in tents. Any amount if rain makes it a mud hole since the salt is really thin here and you mostly have dirt. There are some other locations to squat but this is the “cool” spot. I’ll take my hotel any day even if I do have to share it with 3 1/2 men!



2 thoughts on “Friday Update

  1. Angie Gracie & Olivia

    It looks like that was quite the experience! A
    Good luck today Andy! Love Gracie and Olivia 🙂


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