Saturday, August 11

Today was a busy day and I can’t get enough service to get any info out. We had a drivers meeting in the am followed by a rookie meeting. Both were very informative and they even go as far as having all rookie crews drive down the course so you know it up close. That took us all morning and then the car was tuned up a bit more. I think it’s finally at a point where you just need to run it and get a feel for what it can do. Rookies must do a clean rookie run under 150 to pass as a rookie. Then they can move to a different course if they want to.

We had more good comments, Andy could have a welding job in MN and his rivots impressed a guy who makes apache helicopters. We were also told it should be in the living room! (there was always a stipulation I gave Andy that if he ever ran 200 mph we could put it there so it cracked me up when he said this). He was also excited to speak with a man that wrote a flathead book that he references.

Weather was beautiful today and we were joined by 3 other family members. We hope to get going early tomorrow and get in line ASAP to get a run in. The goal is not a record, just safe runs for this year so he can fine tune things for another year. And yes, I’ve accepted that this will continue.


Here is what your vehicle looks like. From the storm it made it a little loose but then it gets hard when it dries.

I did see this beauty last night, anyone else have one?

And, we thought this one was pretty cool.

I’ll try to keep you posted!

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