Sunday, August 12

Good morning from the Salt Flats.

Today was the culmination of 5 years of hard work. We got two runs in. The first run had to be under 150 and he came in at 133 on a 3 mile course. Speeds are calculated as an average mph over the course of a mile. Everything went well and Andy was pleasantly surprised how it ran. I believe she had more in her than he thought. So, they changed gears in order to go faster. After doing so, another quick storm rolled in. We got smart this time and took all the canopies down first and put the car in the trailer. After tucking it away, we waited a bit and the courses opened back up. We ended up getting to the line right before they stop for the evening which is 7:00.

The second run needed to be between 150 and 175. We ran on a 5 mile course and came in at 153. This time the car got hot and Andy backed off. A fuse blew and the water pumps stopped working. At this point we only had time to get the car in the trailer so we don’t know what the problem is. Could be minor…could be worse. We’ll know in the morning. As if this isn’t nerve racking enough!!! Here are some before and after images.

Check out the other pictures added to the Speedweek page.




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