Monday, August 13

Glad to see website traffic is up now that a lot of you are back at work for the week. Apparently no one works anymore!

No run today. Spent the day thoroughly checking out the car. The water pumps were drawing too many amps so they were split into two circuits. By the time all of this was done it was too late in the day to run. Checked out the engine and torqued the heads with the assistance of the fine employees of MDGM. Packed up just in time, the wind rolled in around 5:30 and ended racing for the day.

The car is ready to roll in the morning and Groundhog Day will start all over. I will have to say, I just love finding salt everywhere, I believe I’ll be cleaning it out of places for the next few months.

Tim S. – this photo is for you.


Here are a few more cars you may like.



12 thoughts on “Monday, August 13

  1. Angie Gracie & Olivia

    It’s gonna be a great day! We were wondering…what EVER is Andy going to do with himself after this week????

  2. Uncle Mel

    You know, this same thought occurred to me; it’s seems to me he’s going to have an AWFUL lot of free time on his hands! 🙂

    1. Tu-Tu (2-2)

      Geez, keep saying that about the pit crew, and they won’t be able to fit their heads into their hats either!! Just messin’!

  3. Angie Gracie & Olivia

    Whew…that car looks like its going to be super fun to clean!!! Look what you have to look forward to clean…Brock and Cale…I’m talkin’ to you!!! 🙂


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