Tuesday, August 14

1st run today – 161.373
2nd run today – 164.028

Car is running good. Needs more sh**!!!

We had a good day today. Weather held and it was in the mid 90’s. It’s much less nerve racking since we got that first run out of the way. The record in our class is 196. We know that is not reachable with the current engine – if someone would have only released more funds…

We are having a good time and enjoying all the people we are meeting. People are appreciating all the aspects that had been scrutinized over so carefully. It has been mentioned many times about the attention to detail and quality of the workmanship. These are the things that make it worth the 2,200 miles we’ve traveled.

Andy’s version –
The only difference between the two runs today was shifting at a higher engine rpm from low to high (5500 instead of 5000) and we tuned at the fuel injection slightly. Now we have to figure out what we can do to go faster. We will sleep on that and get at it first thing in the morning. All things considered the car is working well and drives nice.

We tried to upload some videos to YouTube but our Internet access is limited, that will have to wait until we get closer to civilization on the way home.

Going to try to upload another group of pictures to the Speedweek page so be sure to check that out.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 14

  1. Steve Laugtug

    Hi Andy, family and crew,
    your blog is great..!……..the car is beautiful..!…………lots of speed……….. wish I was there to meet you in person.
    I think I even owe you a lunch on the salt.
    Talk to you soon see you next time on the salt
    Keep up the blog I look forward to reading it evey morning.
    Steve Laugtug and his Belly Tank on the sidelines watching from Minnesota

  2. Uncle Mel

    Excellent! Beautifully done! Now it’s time to get serious & let the BB do what she was born to do: RUN! So raise the anchor, release the emergency brake, jettison all passengers, don’t drag your feet, give her her head, & hang on!

  3. Butch Howe

    I really appreciate all of the information that you are getting out. The car and crew are really doing great. At the end of this week you will have a baseline to work from for next year. and soon—the record attempt….. Hope I’m there…..Butch the armchair quarterback.


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