Wyoming landscape

Here is a picture of the area we are currently in. A whole lot of nothing. A ton of cattle spread out, some prairie dog hills and I did see the antelope playing. There is a large line of windmills in the back of this photo if you can see them.

FYI – our barometric and post turbo manifold pressure is low due to our altitude20120808-115651.jpg
Here is a photo of Sinclair. The town is named for the fuel refinery that supplies the gas stations (the dinosaur one)
Here are some rock formations west of Green River.


3 thoughts on “Wyoming landscape

  1. rwelker1954

    May I add that the altitude decreases the horsepower and torque available because of the decreased oxygen available.

  2. Angie Gracie & Olivia

    What?!?!?! We’ll sleep much better tonight knowing THIS information. Gracie says “boo!”


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