Day 4 – Last day of driving

Well, we are slowly beginning to wake up and get moving. We only have around 500 miles to travel today but it will be a little rougher since its through the Rockies. A lot of weight to drag uphill. For those of you that know any of the Welker’s, note that we rarely drive without knowing what altitude we are at or how many miles we need to go for the day or what the current exhaust gas temperature is or what rpm your truck works best at depending on our road conditions. It is a constant comparing the trucks and commenting on every vehicle that we pass on the road. They point out every trailer that looks like its loaded incorrectly or tire that wobbles. And don’t even mention the antique tractors they either see or think they may see in an old barn. I’ve heard it all and there will be more today! I see where Steve’s continuous talking about nothing comes from. – K

PS – they are looking for a volunteer to go buy Fordsons in Leola on Tuesday. Not sure where that money would be coming from?

8 thoughts on “Day 4 – Last day of driving

  1. Aunt Sue

    You are too funny! It feels like I am with you on the trip. Love it, and keep blogging … the entire Unit appreciates it!

  2. Tu-Tu (2-2)

    Gee, its only 9:30 in the morning, and you sound like you already need an adult beverage!! Only 2 1/2 more weeks of “Stories From Steve”! Just wait, I bet it will get better:)

  3. Angie Gracie & Olivia

    Haha!! I LOVE IT!!! “Stories from Steve”… that’s funny right there! A
    We want to know if you have any snacks left. Moe’s bonding with his new friend. He’s napping right beside it. Stay safe. G & O

    1. vonwelker Post author

      We have lots of snacks left although Steve spilled a whole cookie bucket. Those are his now. Funny thing about the stories, I haven’t even been in the same truck as Steve yet. Rick just downloaded an app for real time gps coordinates so he is totally up to date.

  4. ham

    I think you are really enjoying the trip Kim.I think you are learning a lot on the trip you will be full of history lol.


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