Tech Inspection

We passed tech with flying colors. I would say Andy is extremely relieved! Got in and out with his suit on perfectly. There were only minor suggestions for future years. Just what I wanted to hear! Now it just has to run good.

We heard a comment from one of the tech guys that this is the nicest roll cage that they’ve seen. We have guys here that have said this is the best car and best build they’ve seen and they doubt they’ll see anything here to top it. I hope Andy can fit his helmet on after this!

Oh, and everyone has commented on how great the polish job is on the tank. THANK YOU Big Al.





19 thoughts on “Tech Inspection

  1. Angie Gracie & Olivia

    We knew he would! A job very well done!
    Brock…you have a big job to do….keeping the car looking super shiny. G & O
    Since tech inspection is over what’s on the agenda for tomorrow? Sleep??? A

  2. Chris Dietz

    Congratulations on your excellent job constructing the Bi+€#! Your attention to detail has paid off. Great job!

  3. Nick & Amy Romberger

    Glad to hear all is going well! We’re loving the updates & pics!! Sorry, Kim, that there’s more talk of the next time…lol! Stay cool & good luck!!!

  4. Butch howe

    Tech is a huge milestone. Congrats. keep it coming. It seems that having traveled the world I must say that I’ve never seen an antelope play……….Butch


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