On the Salt

Heading to the salt now. I’ll put up photos when I get a chance depending how the cell service is.

Th pit area is going up. This will be home for the next week (hopefully).

So far, very good comments about the car. People taking pics already. Pit going up nicely. Really nice breeze going, great in the shade. Around 91. Time is 9:55.

Andy is sweeping the tarp clean for those of you who were wondering. And…I don’t know how it happened but I got my shirt dirty first and my hands are black! ( I had to fold tarp straps) but, not to disappoint, Steve did get his shirt dirty already.

Ashley, when did u get here? U brought the most important thing. Although I was really excited – I just found an all women jiffy john or as they call it out here, a green house.


11 thoughts on “On the Salt

  1. Angie

    Just a suggestion: It may be a good idea to add the time when you post something. (We can’t see it on our end.) Hello sun, glare, and lots and lots of sunscreen!!!

    1. Tu-Tu (2-2)

      Hey, did that miltary refrigerator work ok on the trip? Just curious if it was worth the “time” we piddled with it??

      1. ashley

        I’m not even there but no it wasn’t worth the time!!
        Looks great! Can’t wait to get to the beach. I mean salt!

  2. Gracie & Livy

    Looks very professional & (expensive)! Livy here,must you take off your shoes on the tarp?
    Love you Kimmy, Gracie

  3. Tu-Tu (2-2)

    I am sure you cannot go on the tarp with your shoes on, but I bet that Rick & Steve will blow that theory to h#ll!!

  4. Ashley

    Excellent!! Good to know since you forgot the most important thing!! Why am I not surprised to hear that Steve is dirty already!!

      1. Angie

        Seriously? Reserve your own toilet? In my book, that would be the absolute best thing about the trip!!!

  5. Tu-Tu

    Only one wat to tell if that Exploder is Ashley, but you can’t see the front end well-enough. That is also one Big Ass EZ-UP, but I bet if that one starts to blow away, Andy isn’t going to be able to keep that one down!


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