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Day 4 – Last day of driving

Well, we are slowly beginning to wake up and get moving. We only have around 500 miles to travel today but it will be a little rougher since its through the Rockies. A lot of weight to drag uphill. For those of you that know any of the Welker’s, note that we rarely drive without knowing what altitude we are at or how many miles we need to go for the day or what the current exhaust gas temperature is or what rpm your truck works best at depending on our road conditions. It is a constant comparing the trucks and commenting on every vehicle that we pass on the road. They point out every trailer that looks like its loaded incorrectly or tire that wobbles. And don’t even mention the antique tractors they either see or think they may see in an old barn. I’ve heard it all and there will be more today! I see where Steve’s continuous talking about nothing comes from. – K

PS – they are looking for a volunteer to go buy Fordsons in Leola on Tuesday. Not sure where that money would be coming from?

Laramie, Wyoming

After passing the large and slightly scary statue of Lincoln’s head, we arrived in Laramie, Wyoming around 11:30. Drove another 700 miles. We are currently at an altitude of 8,000 feet. Saw lots of cattle and empty prairie. Of course when we got to the hotel someone found Top Gear to watch so the boys are all thrilled. We are in Mountain Time so we are now two hours behind. Tomorrow may not provide the best cell service but we’ll do our best to keep you posted.

Still on the road

When you drive across America you get to see some things that are not normal.

Some photos for everybody to see.


Also it’s amazing how small a world it is. We stopped a rest stop just west of Kearney Nebraska when we were ready to leave two cars on trailers came in also headed to bonneville. The interesting part is they are from Reading, Pa. We got to chat a little before getting back on the road. 20120807-183628.jpg

More scenery from the road:20120807-191250.jpg



Lincoln, Nebraska

Who let the gorillas out? Can u tell which one of these is different from the others?

20120807-144715.jpgJust left lunch, temp is 102 outside and does it ever feel like it. Landscape is getting noticeably flatter. Lots and lots of corn! I see why they are the Huskers. I have to admit, not nearly as bored as I thought I would be. Although Steve’s random facts about things do make me tired! – K

On the road

This is what we travel with all day long. We keep the hammer down rolling with the big boys. Ah, the trucker life. I could have gotten a haircut or gone to the dentist at the truck stop we were at last night. America, you certainly survive on the trucking system! – K


Zoom in on this and check all the windmills out in the distance. Pretty cool, they are everywhere.

Day 3 – Waking Up

Well, we made it to our hotel after midnight CST last night after about 10 hours of driving. It was about 700 miles total. Our current location is Des Moines, Iowa. I will have to say, Iowa – your roads stink! Sitting in the back of Andy’s truck was like sitting in the back of a school bus. I think parts of me are still shaking. I don’t think I’ve ever driven through so much constructions. We did pass a lot of neat things though and we are in the heartland of farm machinery. I’ve seen more combines yesterday than ever. It’s nice to see America hard at work building all sorts of products – Case, John Deere, Kinze, Chrysler, Electrolux, Pioneer Seed, and about 8 different camper manufacturers. When we came into Iowa last night, we wend over the Mississippi and drove by LeClaire which is the home of the American Pickers. Maybe we’ll get a chance to stop and see Danny D on the way home.

Note: photo taken at 75mph through the truck window with an iphone – not bad.


Trip info

So we have had some requests for some more detailed trip stats so here you go:

Left Gratz at 7:49 pm aug 5th
Checked straps in lewisburg 8:47 pm
Entered Ohio 12:39 am aug 6
Stopped at Youngstown at hotel 1:25 am

Left hotel 9:31 am
Stopped to eat at truckstop and get fuel at Ohio Indiana border at 12:45 pm
Entered Indiana at 2:45 pm
Stopped at rest area to trade drivers 4:20 pm
Back on the road

Steve’s truck is getting about 18 mpg and 1/4 cookie bucket per state.

Andy’s truck still at 10 mpg.

All stats are provided by Brock’s logbook. Will try to post more pics soon.