Lincoln, Nebraska

Who let the gorillas out? Can u tell which one of these is different from the others?

20120807-144715.jpgJust left lunch, temp is 102 outside and does it ever feel like it. Landscape is getting noticeably flatter. Lots and lots of corn! I see why they are the Huskers. I have to admit, not nearly as bored as I thought I would be. Although Steve’s random facts about things do make me tired! – K

10 thoughts on “Lincoln, Nebraska

  1. Tu-Tu (2-2)

    Trust me, if you guys are on the west side of Lincoln, be prepared to look at corn for, like, hundreds and hundreds of miles! Been there, done that…………………..

  2. Angie

    Which one’s Steve again? I can’t tell cause they all look alike. (Sorry Steve…I just couldn’t resist!!!) 🙂


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