Trip info

So we have had some requests for some more detailed trip stats so here you go:

Left Gratz at 7:49 pm aug 5th
Checked straps in lewisburg 8:47 pm
Entered Ohio 12:39 am aug 6
Stopped at Youngstown at hotel 1:25 am

Left hotel 9:31 am
Stopped to eat at truckstop and get fuel at Ohio Indiana border at 12:45 pm
Entered Indiana at 2:45 pm
Stopped at rest area to trade drivers 4:20 pm
Back on the road

Steve’s truck is getting about 18 mpg and 1/4 cookie bucket per state.

Andy’s truck still at 10 mpg.

All stats are provided by Brock’s logbook. Will try to post more pics soon.

7 thoughts on “Trip info

  1. Dr. Feelgood

    When is the shitter stop?????? I need to know. And those tinted windows don’t make any difference.


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