Day 3 – Waking Up

Well, we made it to our hotel after midnight CST last night after about 10 hours of driving. It was about 700 miles total. Our current location is Des Moines, Iowa. I will have to say, Iowa – your roads stink! Sitting in the back of Andy’s truck was like sitting in the back of a school bus. I think parts of me are still shaking. I don’t think I’ve ever driven through so much constructions. We did pass a lot of neat things though and we are in the heartland of farm machinery. I’ve seen more combines yesterday than ever. It’s nice to see America hard at work building all sorts of products – Case, John Deere, Kinze, Chrysler, Electrolux, Pioneer Seed, and about 8 different camper manufacturers. When we came into Iowa last night, we wend over the Mississippi and drove by LeClaire which is the home of the American Pickers. Maybe we’ll get a chance to stop and see Danny D on the way home.

Note: photo taken at 75mph through the truck window with an iphone – not bad.


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