Racing – Day 6

Today was a make it or break it day! There were still a few things in the Welker bag of tricks to pull out to see if anything would make a difference. And like other projects before this, the go to solution is…duct tape. Sure, why not? We’ve seen a lot of red neck ideas amongst the million dollar ones. What’s to say one is better than the other? 

This car is so aerodynamic to start with, it’s hard to add to that feature. They started by taping up any holes that may be causing drag and then cut some foam board and taped it completely over between the tank and the back axle. Yes, that black triangle just gives it that new and improved look I believe Andy was going for. At this point, give it a shot, it can’t hurt!

And the result is…..

168.895 – You’ve got to be kidding me! I know I kept saying that over and over. $10 worth of duct tape did more for this car this week than anything else did. Really all it tells me is that now we have to go home and make more modifications to the back of the car to get rid of all the drag that is apparently happening. That is what I see! And if you read the slip, this was going into a 6 mph headwind. He thinks he was doing roughly 173 when exiting but that doesn’t count for time. 

At this point of Speed Week, the racers are quickly exiting and the lines are really small. Since this run went well, Andy decided to try another one but running on the long course. They now combine all cars to one but he can only run the same short distance. Back to the pit to freshen up the duct tape and add a bit of a tail behind the axle and see it that does anything. 

We flat towed to the line this time hoping to push a bit quicker without having the trailer behind the truck. We basically got the car ready and got to the line right away. When we picked him up after his run, he noted why so many drivers had issues on that course. He said he was all over the course, the grooves in the salt tend to take you where they want to sometimes. They actually moved the long course this week due to issues and had a bunch of cars spin out on it. All due to the salt conditions. With all this, and a head wind, she still ran a 164.0. Not too bad considering the car, and the driver, is still in one piece!

He was thinking of doing another run tomorrow but after seeing how this course was, I think we will be smart and stop now. We can take her home in tact and be glad nothing went wrong. And all I’ll have to hear about is that she needs a bigger engine. Not that I haven’t heard it before. I’ll have to start a GoFundMe page to see if there are any suckers, er, I mean, sponsors that would like to donate any money to the cause. 

So, for today, we started to pack up and will finish tomorrow. I did keep forgetting to show my mode of transportation in the pits. The last time we were here I realized how big the pit area was. A lot of people bring four wheelers, bicycles or something so you aren’t walking. I had seen a motorized bicycle and thought it was pretty cool so this came in handy for checking things out this week. And it’s just really cool!​ No reason Andy should have ALL the fun.

​As for my quote, I’m not sure if it was today or yesterday since they have all run together at this point. I just remember looking at Cora and saying, “Stop licking your feet.” Can’t even imagine how salty they tasted but I guess it’s better that they were at least her own?

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