Speed Week Is Over

The end of the road, or should I say, the salt, has finally arrived. With ten runs under his belt, the week was pretty successful. To many, a trip like this is crazy, myself included. But, to each his own. This may not be your thing and whatever you are into may not be as extreme, but to have a passion about anything is a good thing. There are many that do this every year without fail and will tell you that the salt calls to them as if taunting them to see if they can conquer it just a little bit more. I still call it crazy but, like I said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

The Blonde Bitch faired well on her second trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Other than the few minor issues previously mentioned, she’s coming home pretty unscathed. This cannot be said about a lot of other cars at the meet. Standing at my pit I could probably point out a half of a dozen cars around us that basically broke. Anything from a melted piston to a cracked cylinder head sent them home early or at least stopped them from racing. So if you look at things from that perspective, taking a car home in one piece is pretty good. We had even heard that some racers stopped racing on the long course simply because they didn’t like the way the salt was and how their car was reacting to it. I imagine if I spun out doing 150+, I’d think twice as well. Probably a smart decision to sit it out if that was happening. 

Today was a day of packing and cleaning as much salt off of things as we could. We learned from the last trip what to do. The belly tank got a quick wipe down and the truck and trailer went to the car wash. It’s amazing how hard the salt gets after getting caked on. The inside of the truck also got vacuumed the best it could. After the last trip, any salt began to turn into a gooey mess as we headed east as the humidity rose. Don’t worry, it will take me weeks to clean up this mess but we at least got the bulk of it cleaned up, and yes, this is way worse than the beach. Nothing like vacuuming on your vacation!

For those of you not following Instagram, the first day we received our Honey Bucket, I had a good laugh while in there. Not that I don’t always enjoy a good laugh while in the porta pot. There was a sticker on the wall to enter a Honey Bucket selfie contest. You could win a Honey Bucket or $1,000. Now, I don’t know about you but who couldn’t use their own portable toilet. But how do you split that if we would all win? Darn, I guess we would have to take the money. We didn’t forget, here is our entry. Note the driver on the seat!

So, we leave the flats and are heading north to go through Yellowstone. Please leave more comments, we do enjoy them while we are away from home. I just think at this point we need a vacation from this vacation. 

I do have a good quote for you today. As we were all discussing how the dry air is effecting us, it was mentioned that our nails are splitting, lips are cracking, etc. (sounds pleasant, I know) And then Steve chimes in, “My feet look like a nine year old Amish girls.” Most of you where I live will not need any explanation for that one so I will leave it at that!

6 thoughts on “Speed Week Is Over

  1. Rick Welker

    A successful week!! I especially like the picture of Cora sitting on the front axle. Sounds like everyone is having a good time. These will be memories that will be talked about for years and years to come. “Look how young _____was!” And “you still had hair”. Have fun at Yellowstone!!!!

  2. Bill Brown

    Thanks for doing the blog. My son & I went to Bonneville in 2012 and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. The trip had been on my Bucket list since 1954. Your blog allowed an old man to relive the experience. Thank you !!!!

    Do you happen to have any photos of the front wheel drive GMC motorhome that was there attempting to break the motorhome record?

    1. vonwelker Post author

      Bill – I just updated the post from yesterday and added a pic and video of the Moho for you. I knew one of us would have it. I have to ask, how did you find out about us and where are you from? I’m glad to hear you like to follow. Makes it worth while staying up until 12:30 every night after a long day just to get it done.


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