Racing – Day 5

Today was roughly the same schedule as yesterday. The morning line seemed a bit longer and it was around noon until he actually got to run. The modifications were slight this time, changing only the  gear set back to the fastest set so far, just trying to find that right combination that might get that extra power needed to give her some more horses under the hood. This time she ran 163.297. Still hanging around the same spot as the other runs but not coming up with anything special to make a big difference. So, back to the pits for some more tweaking.

I wanted to go over Andy’s safety equipment that he either wears or has on board. Most of which is required in the class that he runs, he added a bit to make himself feel more comfortable. He wears fireproof underwear, socks, what looks like long johns, a head sock and then his quilted pants and jacket. He also has a HANS device, this is worn behind your neck to protect your spine and keep you head from moving around too much. He also has special shoes, gloves and helmet. The car has two on board fire extinguishers, one with nozzles pointing on the engine the other with nozzles on the driver. There is a knob to pull above the steering wheel if they are needed. All of this is extremely important to have on board and I hope it never ever gets used. I’d rather it just looks nicer than ever getting tested out!

Back to today, the second run resulted in roughly the same outcome. The only change this time around was the fuel mixture. This run was 164.531 into a 6 mph headwind so we just can’t seem to catch a break. Where is the tail wind? And again, it was just so hot, everyone was starting to feel the effects. If you stand still for too long you start to feel as though you are burning, even through your clothing sometimes. It’s really pleasant, I recommend it to everyone!

As for the salt, if you haven’t read anything about it before, it’s not what you would expect. They have to groom any courses that are being raced on and the areas that the racers should use such as a pull off from the course. Any return roads, pits and areas you are okay to drive in, is groomed, otherwise, it looks like this.

This year it’s like little balls formed on top and yes, it’s hard. It is cold and moist to the touch. Not at all what you would expect. When it splatters on the vehicles, it dries very hard like this.

Yes, that is the running board of our truck. Imagine what the inside looks like. It just gets drug everywhere and will take forever to fully clean out of everything. 

The quote for today goes to Andy as he was opening a bag of Middlesworth BBQ chips we had brought with us. “It smells like home.” And those of you that live where I do will fully agree to that.

I would like to make a request that since tomorrow is our last day of racing that those that are following please reply to one of my posts. I am very curious to know who is following out there. I can see how many people but I can’t see who you are. We really appreciate all the support so a quick little comment with your name and city is all I’m asking for just so we can get an idea who is following. Thanks in advance.

22 thoughts on “Racing – Day 5

  1. Rick Welker

    I’m here as always following along and wishing I was there. Can I make a suggestion? Put someone in the car and take a picture with the canopy down so we all back here can get an idea of what it’s like looking from the inside of the car. Also, take one of the whole group on the last run of the year with the car on the salt. Just for memory’s sake………………

  2. Angie

    Great ideas!! I’m guessing one of the first things the Welker family will do when they get home is jump in the pool!!! Ahhhhhhh 😎

  3. Linda M Bechtel

    Hi Kim and crew! I’ve been reading your posts every day and I really enjoy them. You do a great job explaining things…and what a different family vacation! Cora, Brock and Kale are having a great experience! Thanks for sharing and have a great trip home.
    Linda Bechtel

  4. Jerry

    I enjoy reading about your adventures every morning to start my work day. Good luck and enjoy the journey back to PA

  5. Ed & Linda Bechtel

    Hi Kim, Love your writings and photos. All are great. You could charge for this stuff. Talked to your mom at Township meeting on Tuesday evening and I told her how much I enjoyed your writings.

    Ed Bechtel

  6. Rick and Denise Welker

    We are enjoying the updates each morning. Glad I don’t have to clean the salt off the truck, looks worse than coming home from the beach! Have a safe trip.

  7. Melvin

    Just a thought … Could driver fatigue be a factor? Heat exhaustion? Is there a relief driver in the crew? Is there a teenager, one who might be willing to give it a go, in the crew? Or, cough cough, a female touch? Like I said, just a thought. πŸ˜‰

  8. Mike Brown

    It has been fascinating to read about your Bonneville adventure. I have admired Andy’s car since I first seen it at the Ohio Mile. Andy has also been a great source of information for my belly tank project. I wish you safe travels home.

  9. Andrea Grabert

    I’ve been reading the blog every other day or so. You’ve done a wonderful job of explaining all of the details. What a wonderful experience. I think my favorite part so far was Cora being excited to hear her name announced as part of the pit crew. So cool! Great job keeping her cool in the pool! Be safe and enjoy!

  10. Harry Cowley

    Loving your blog everyday ! can almost smell the salt and your feet burning ! Looking forward to getting out there next year ( I Hope ! ) best of luck Harry from Germany

    1. vonwelker Post author

      Harry – I have to ask how you heard of us and began to follow. I would not have guessed we had any followers in Germany. I’m really glad you replied! I can’t do the car side of things but I can at least report on it.


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