Day 4 On The Road

Today proved to be just as uneventful as the other three days of traveling. Which is a good thing! We left Laramie, WY this morning and drove another 450 miles to end up in Ogden, UT. We will be on the salt tomorrow.

We went through everything from flatlands to huge mountains. It’s amazing the different types of landscapes that can occur in a short time. Or like most of the day, it was a whole lot of nothin’. Other than the free range cattle that seem to go wherever they want to, we didn’t see much of anything. I know people like this type of landscape but I’ll stick to green trees and hills.

To those of you wondering, our two year old traveler is doing great. It’s a bit more time consuming with a toddler in tow but she is a trooper and making the best of it. I’m just glad we are finally in Utah since she has been asking the whole trip if we were in Utah yet. 

In keeping with my quotes for the day, the one I decided to go with just made me laugh. And yes, he did. Brock says, “Dude, it stinks in there.” And Cale says, “Oh,let me go smell it.”

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