Day 3 On The Road

We ended up staying last night in Atlantic, Iowa along historic Route 6. We were slightly off the beaten path but worth the drive. Route 6 is known for going all the way from New York to California. I am being told by my travel mates that it goes through Coudersport and Smethport in Pa and that Smethport is where the ever fun Wooly Willy children’s toy is from. I should preface that I am not fact checking anything I’m being told. Most of the things they tell me I don’t much care about anyway so if anyone has any information telling another story, feel free to correct me. I’m just so used to the useless facts that I just glaze over most of them.

Anyway, I enjoy the Iowa landscape. It has such lush, nice rolling hills. We took Route 6 from our hotel for a while to meet back up with 80. This was an excellent way to truly see the American landscape since you don’t always get to see it from the interstate.

I have to stop saying that we live in the middle of no where. We traveled almost 600 miles and most of it consisted of corn, soy beans and grazing cattle. The distance people have to go to for school or work in some of these places makes our drives laughable. I do love to see when the farm machinery is pulled up to to the house though, that’s always a funny sight. 

We ate in Pine Bluffs again this trip and tried to talk Cale into the Rocky Mountain oysters but he didn’t go for it. Not much else worth mentioning except the quote for today which is more cute than funny. From the mouth of a two year old after waking up in the truck, “Mommy, it’s a really nice day out. A really nice day to watch tv.”

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