Day 2 On The Road

We ended up getting to  Fremont, IN last night which put us roughly 500 miles into the trip. We’ve been on the road for quite a while today and have encountered the typical construction and bad roads that come along with any type of traveling. I have to say, Indiana, your roads are the worst so far!

For the farmers that are following, here is the crop report. It seemed like Ohio and Indiana were pretty dry and we’re doing quite a bit of irrigating. Illinois and Iowa crops are looking nice and green. Looks like they will have a good year!

We did make it to the ever impressive Iowa 80 truck stop again, a favorite among the group. This time Cale got to experience it and seeing as how he is a major big rig enthusiast, it was a big hit. If you’ve never been, you can get a shower, see a movie, get dental work done or even a haircut. This is in addition to the 900 truck parking spots it has. We tried to get Cale to shave his head since his mom wasn’t with us but he wouldn’t bite. He did pick up an old trucker movie which was enough to make him happy.

I know I talked about some of the first time we made our trip but if anyone wants to know what our dpf soot levels are or our exhaust gas temperatures are, I can fill you in. I just didn’t want to bore you with all that! On that note, imagine how I feel having to listen to it every five minutes. And to think not having Andy and Steve’s dad with this time, I thought maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Wrong! Brock has filled in that spot as much as one could. It’s like traveling with the people from the Big Bang Theory and I have no clue what they are talking about. Not that I want to.

We wil keep traveling through picturesque Iowa trying to make it to Nebraska tonight. We haven’t seen anything really weird to report but I’m going to try to give you a quote each day that I thought I’d never hear or say. Today it was, “Where is the bathroom? It’s over there by the hubcap sculpture.” And I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Please feel free to comment back or like our Instagram posts. We enjoy the company while we are on the road!

5 thoughts on “Day 2 On The Road

  1. Rick

    Exhaust gas temperature is in direct correlation to boost levels, air temperature, injection timing, cetane rating, and exhaust back pressure (flow). Now I’m sure you have already been informed of that. Did Steve get any of the chrome girly things for the Bug mudflats? Miss all you guys.


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