Friday & Saturday Update

Just a quick update, busy days. 

Friday – Made 2 licensing passes yesterday to be approved to go faster. First one was to be around 125 or under. We ran 121.65 at the mile and 124.74 at the 1.5 mile. 

Second run was to be around 150. Ran 147.05 at the mile and 153.94 at the 1.5 mile. This was after backing out of the throttle so there still is more there. 

Only issue is a slipping clutch which we are adjusting the spring pressure up. 

   Saturday – Next run came in at 152.05 at the mile and 164.42 at the mile and a half. Just did a few adjustments and are in line for another pass. Beautiful day up here, 84 degrees and sunny with a nice breeze. Still no moose!