Another Adventure Has Begun 

The first thing that comes to mind is to just say, “the Bitch is on the move again!”

Hello and welcome to past followers and any new visitors that may have heard about our little adventure. As you may know, the Blonde Bitch has undergone extensive upgrades in the past year to get to Bonneville. Due to poor salt conditions Speedweek was unfortunately cancelled. Luckily it was before we were on our way.

So…..this led us to a new part of the country for racing – Limestone, Maine at the former Loring Air Force base. Just can’t seem to do anything close to home, that would take away all the fun. The base was built after WWII for heavy bombers and was eventually closed in the mid nineties. The strip is now used for land speed racing and some private aircraft. The runway is 2.9 miles long of which we will go 1.5 miles under power and be timed at the 1 and 1.5 mile markers. 

I’ve had a few requests for random photos from our drive since a bunch of you are stuck in an office while we get to view this great country of ours. Since we’ve been in Maine, I’ve been looking for a moose but this is all I’ve found for now. 

As you can see, we’ve had an addition to our pit crew. Cora is very excited to finally get to see the racecar out of the shed. Then again, she gets excited about a lot of things! If you are wondering, yes, she has been brainwashed into loving anything with an engine and that goes fast so I’m guessing she’ll do just fine at this event. 

The only interesting part of our trip so far was last night when a trailer tire almost blew. Andy spotted a bubble in the tire while driving and we got pulled over before anything happened. It got changed quickly and off we went. A fairly boring drive other than Cora asking repeatedly for Cheerios or to watch Frozen, again and again and again.

Keep following if you’d like to see how the car does in such a different environment and with all the changes that were made to the design. It will be nice to see her stretch her legs again, they’ve been cramped up for a few years. Guess that’s what you get for having a kid!

And, I’ll let you know if I see any.