Sunday Results

Sunday was another beautiful day for racing. Not many people left so you could keep hot lapping if you really wanted to. After Saturday’s unsuccessful attempts and trying lower and higher gear sets, we went back to the original gear set for our first run of the day. We also changed plugs and taped any holes shut that we could around the front axle for better aero. That run was 153 in the mile and 164.6 at the mile and a half. Not bad but still just couldn’t seem to crack the 165 even though that was the best that we had done here.

After a little debate, we taped up any additional holes that could be taped, changed the fuel mixture to be slightly richer and planned for more aggressive shifting. I just kept telling Andy to find the gas peddle the next time!

With an enthusiastic launch and every shift at 6200 rpm (just below the rev limiter), all the changes must have helped. We ran 154 at the mile and 166.08 at the mile and a half. That ended up being the fastest we had gone. Compared to Bonneville, he had done around 125 at the mile and 150 at the mile and a half with the same gear set. So, technically he was going quite a bit faster here. It’s just hard to compare the two since you have more length in Bonneville to run. 

Overall, it was a good experience with all the new changes that were made to the car. They did make it go faster and the best part was is that he didn’t break anything!!!

Andy would like to note that if you see the timing slip below, he is now a record holder in his class. Only because there wasn’t any record but someone has to be the first!