Tech Inspection

After setting up the bare bones of our pits, we pretty much rolled out the car and flat towed it to inspection. We wanted to try to get that done today because it’s going to get crazy tomorrow. We got in a very small line around 4:30 and were one of the last ones to go through for the day. 

This tech inspection was completely different from the first time we were here. I’m guessing that since they’ve inspected it before they don’t go over it as much the next time around. After going through the various items on the check list such as all the fire safety gear you need to wear and where the fire extinguisher nozzles are aimed in the car, she passed with flying colors. If you aren’t familiar, there is a very detailed rule book that you must follow with varying rules depending upon the class of vehicle that you are running. Also, as with child safety gear, some of the safety items expire or must be re-certified to make them legal to use again. That applies to items such as seatbelts and helmets. All of this information is kept in a log book which must be presented at the time of inspection. And yes, that is a really big hat!

For the initial run he will have to keep it under 150 and then step up his license to the next level. They are very diligent about keeping to these rules and do not take kindly if you do not follow them. If you don’t, your car could be impounded, and not for a good reason!

We did have a lot of people snapping photos already today. We’ve pitted near a few different groups we’ve gotten to know over the years, one being from Reading. There were actually quite a bit of people here already today so I’m anticipating this to get pretty full, especially since they haven’t had it for two years.

Back at the hotel, the bug got to sit in with the other cool cars. It gets to be like a mini car show out front and it got to be included. Nothing like a Beetle with a car seat in it at a car show!

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