Let’s bring home a …

Monday took us from Sioux Falls, SD on a detour to Hector, MN. Why Hector you ask, what could possibly be there? Well it turns out that on the Saturday before we left Steve won an online auction for a Fordson tractor in Hector, so off we go. 

Now as many of you may know, most Welker adventures come with a catch. This time the catch was we did not have trailer space to haul home a tractor that is assembled. So what is the solution?  Why tear it apart on the spot and stuff the pieces into all available spaces.

The Bug is now stuffed with luggage, Steve’s truck is full of wheels and small parts, and the engine and rear housing are in front of the Bug on the trailer. Just took some creative packing. 

A short drive got us to Albert Lea where we stayed for the night. Not much else interesting to report other than seeing this in the hotel parking lot. 

Can’t really explain it. Just a truck and trailer with some kind of stuffed animal sculpture? You just never know what you’ll find. 

3 thoughts on “Let’s bring home a …

  1. Jerry F.

    Anyone but a Welker would have trailered the Fordson and Drove the bug home. But nobody but the Welker crew could or would disassemble and reassemble a Fordson just for fun. Kudos.

    1. Ashley Welker

      The reason the bug was not driven home from Minnesota is because Steve’s wonderful, patient, understanding and tolerant wife would have been driving it!!

  2. Robert kaneda

    When momma is happy everybody is happy. I know the boys are talented but it will be quite a challenge to get that fordson in the 200mph club! Rk but it is a very cool tractor


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