Racing – Day 1

Today began the first day of racing, something long anticipated by so many that have come from all over the world just to race against time. To go over the goal of those that race, you don’t win any money nor do you win any prestigious awards. It becomes a drug that can only be acquired at a few choice places. Some people buy their vehicles and just race them whereas others, ourselves included, have built them from the ground up and know every inch of their vehicle. The event is not sponsored by anyone so everyone feels as though they are on the same playing field. You have everyone here from backyard builds to million dollar custom creations. Everybody just hopes that you do good no matter what kind of vehicle you are running or what class you are in. 

I have noticed again that this is definitely a mans sport. And an “older” one at that. Our small group of seven probably holds the highest majority of minorities on the salt. I’d say there are no other two year olds for sure and kids in general are even hard to come by, same as the ladies. I’m totally guessing but the average age has to be at least 65 but who else has the time and money to do this? I guess we’ll have to find something else to do by then since we are doing it at such a young age.

The morning started with a drivers meeting where they go over all the rules and regulations. Very important that all essential crew and drivers attend. They will tell you about the courses and where the cars turn off when they are done, etc. 

After the meeting, it’s time to get in line. This ended up being about a four hour wait. The cars seemed to be going out slow today, not sure why. I will say, that canopy on the trailer worked great to sit under and stay in the shade.

She got going really well and took off like she was meant to do. Now, here is the technical part I can only relay to you. Because we were running race gas for the first time, we decided to play it safe on the fuel mixture and ended up being way too rich. This means that there is too much fuel going into the engine which sacrifices power and it won’t reach the proper rpm’s. He ended up hitting 158 on the first run which isn’t horrible knowing this was kind of a test run using this new fuel. It’s an easy fix to get her back to the line tomorrow. As long as nothing broke, I’m happy with it! And Cora was happy when she heard her name being announced on the radio as part of the pit crew. I just have to laugh because the one announcer just won’t say the name of the car when it goes for a run. What’s that about?

As for my quote, I really didn’t hear anything worthy. I did have one but it wasn’t family friendly so I’ll skip it and try for two tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Racing – Day 1

  1. Rick Welker

    Missing all you guys-wish I were there. Cora looks like she is adapting well. Is Cale happy that he went along this time? I’m sure he as a gear head is having a blast. Ashley needs to wear a hat-she will get a sunburned nose and chin. Tell Andy to push harder on the go switch. It’s a flathead, it likes to be abused!!! Get the right pill in there it’ll go. 180 here it comes!!!!


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