Saturday, September 26, 2015

What a difference experience today. A whole new location to race for us and a whole new atmosphere to go with it. Not quite the crowd and large area that Bonneville provided and not quite the small gathering that we encountered in Maine. Wilmington runway has its own feel yet came with the same great group of racers that come from across the country to experience the rush they get for the few seconds that their wheels hit the track.

The Blonde Bitch got her initial rookie run in today. This course is timed at the mile and she came in at 122.98. He had to keep it at around 125 for this first run. Andy said he had to back out so we know that she is still ready to run. 

The Ohio Mile tops out at accepting 150 racers so it took a few hours to get through the line. After the first run, we got right back in line like many of the other racers. Unfortunately a Shelby Mustang decided to see how long the runway actually was and ran off the end. From what we heard, the car plowed through the end and whatever was in the way to finally end up in a fence. Most importantly, the driver was okay. This quickly halted all racing. While we waited, a fine mist rolled in and didn’t stop. Around 5:00 they called it for the day and officially ended all racing. We are about 4th in line when racing begins tomorrow morning at 8. Hopefully we can try to get two more runs in before making the trek back to PA. Feels like we just got here!!!